The Secret to Finding Cheap Flights

The secret to finding cheap flights!

I don’t want to brag, but I’m kind of a flight search master. I’m a professional at finding cheap flights to places I didn’t even know I needed to go, and today I’m here to share my tips with you. My cheap flight finding skills have landed me last minute trips around the country and the world! Follow my instructions to learn the secret to finding cheap flights, and you too can become a flight search master!

Private Search

You might have noticed that flight prices seem to increase each time you look up your particular travel dates. What gives, right? The flight from Orlando to New York was 80$ an hour ago, how is it now 250$?! Well, dear reader, I’m sorry to say the airlines are onto you. They know you want to go to New York next month and now they’ve got you trapped in an ever increasing airline price ploy. See, as the demand for a certain flight increases, so do the prices. You’ve gotta trick the airline into thinking you are just a casual, uninterested browser. Like when you say you’re “just looking” to a store employee when you actually have a specific product in mind.

One way to achieve this is to delete your browser history and cookies before you start your internet search. I’ve found that it’s easiest to just always open a private internet browser when I’m going on a flight search binge, that way no companies can catch on to my bargain shopping ways.

Flexible Dates

Another secret for finding cheap flights online is to avoid having solid travel dates. Even if you need to travel during certain dates due to a limited holiday or a special event, try to be flexible about the days you fly. Flying on certain days of the week tend to be cheaper than other days, for instance. So, it might be in your best interest to leave a day early for your aunt’s wedding or to stay an extra two days after your break ends.

According to research, it’s cheaper to leave on a Thursday and return on a Monday than another other combination. Fridays and Sundays are considered the most expensive days to fly, so try to avoid these when possible. This, however, is not set in stone. If you really want to score on cheap flight deals, you’ll need to have a completely open schedule. For instance, let’s say you know you want to spend a weekend in London, England sometime in the fall. Use a flexible dates search engine to find the cheapest flights during this period of time.

Alright, let’s get down to business. A great place to start your search is Google Flights, which has a lot of easy tools for exploring flexible dates and times. Once on the Google Flight search, enter your cities. I’ll be using Miami to London.

secret to finding cheap flights

When possible, try to avoid using small local airports. You might have to travel further to the airport, but you’ll save a lot of money in cost. Consider trying several nearby airports to determine which has the lowest cost. Once you’ve entered your cities, select “flexible dates.” This will give you a quick run down on the lowest airfare within a few week period. This is great if you know you want to travel in, say, September.

Secret for finding cheap flights

Are you ready to get MAJOR savings? Under dates click “price graph.” From here you can choose your trip duration and scroll through the months to see how the flights will fluctuate in price for the next several months. I was able to find several options under $450 for my round trip international flight. Score!

secret for finding cheap flights

Flexible Destinations

Are you an open-minded traveler looking to try new things? Being flexible with your destination is the equivalent of throwing a dart onto a map or stopping your finger on a spinning globe. In this case, I’m going to change the destination to “Europe.” Now, I can

secret for finding cheap flights

Now, I can Browse the cheapest flights from Miami to Europe, and by using the same techniques above I can check different dates. You can even select different search results like “1 week,” “2weeks,” or certain months using Google Flights tools.

secret to finding cheap flights

Aha! Look at all the options! If I play around with different months and dates, the possibilities are endless!

Join Mailing Lists

Finally, the last secret to finding cheap flights is to join airline alert programs. I know, I know, subscription emails can be the worst. Trust me, the perks are worth it. For example, Southwest frequently has flash-sales in which one-way domestic flights are under 50$! That’s worth sifting through a couple dud emails! Here are some of the best newsletters to subscribe to for cheap flight deals:

The Secret to Finding Cheap Flights

There you have it, reader! Those are my top secrets for finding cheap flights on the internet. Where will you go next?


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